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Summer is coming and many of us are getting ready for days in the sunshine!  Along with those days, most enjoy a few dips in the pool, and if you're lucky to own one of your own, you'll be very interested in this.  Not a cheap item to invest in but one that would be put to good use in many instances.

This AquaPub Floating Party Table for the pool comes complete with 2 removable ice tray containers with lids that are built into the tabletop.  You also get 6 glass holders that surround the table by each seat.  Your food and drinks will stay cool and stored away safely while you enjoy chatting with others and floating in the pool.

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You can purchase an optional sunshade that is designed to drain water and stay light.  The seats are designed to fill with water to keep the table secure and the surface even.  Weighing in at only 90 lbs. the table can be easily manipulated and used in the water or on a flat surface near the pool.

Being made in part of recycled materials, treated against UV rays to reduce weathering, durable and easy to clean, and an added bonus of texture on the surface that is leatherlike so that you avoid unsightly scratches, keeps this item at the top of the list of pool fun.  Designed not to sink, it will last through many uses and would be a great addition to your pool side or inside!


  1. USA Catalog 23 May, 2006 at 11:28

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  2. Coolest Gadgets 18 April, 2006 at 14:55

    The Floating Pool Table

    This probably isnt one for us who live in the northern hemisphere but if I lived in a country that had the weather for an outdoor pool that would be usable for more than a month a year Id have to get me one of these, the Aqua Pub.
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    A Real Pool Table

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  4. Ecofriend 17 April, 2006 at 05:10

    AquaPub: Chill your summer with floating party table made of recycled materials

    Party in the water-pool! That may be a dream for many as the scorching summer creeps in. Then it is here, where your hunt ends. True, it is not a cheap item but this AquaPub Floating Party Table is sure to chill your summer days in the sun!

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    Aquapub, il Tavolino anfibio

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