Vaja's Studded iPod Case

VajastuddedYou have been slow at accepting the silly trend of dressing up gadgets with cases that sometimes are more expensive than the iPod itself. All the cases you have seen so far for iPods have been on the girly girl side, or on the "what are they thinking" side. Your style is more edgy than prima donna, so you have been holding out for that Rebel Babe studded look. Your time to conform is up, check out the new Studded leather Vaja Cases for iPod. They include a removable strap, screen protector, headphone access, and optional personalization .  The AP21 fits iPod 20 & Photo 30GB. The AP96 fits iPod 60 & Photo 40/60GB.  Being bad has never looked this good. Price $75
                                                   C0073065             C6350941   

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