Prêt-à-porter Steamer

You know fashion and Whirlpool go hand in hand. What? You didn't know this? Well Whirlpool has been in the business of making washers and dryers for years, so it comes as no surprise that the company decided to form a major partnership with fashion designer Antonio Berardi. Together they created the Prêt-à-porter collection that includes a collapsible clothes freshener, a blue leather studded case, and even a line of clothes. Got cashmere, wool or silky delicates? Pop them in this baby to remove any bad odors, de-wrinkle or dry them--then wheel it away to the next night-club all-nighter. The dry steam system will be available by Fall.  [Props to The Cool Hunter]Whirlpoolpretaporter

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  1. Silje 1 August, 2006 at 07:15

    This sounds really interesting! I want one 😀
    Though, I’ll bet it will be very expensive.

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