Was that you Teddy Bear?

Fartbearfinal All I can say about this one is...Sorry?? We have seen worse, right? A flatulent bear may not be something you want to give to your new girlfriend, but maybe to that third cousin in the family who is a little bit of a prankster. The Remote Control Farting Teddy Bear is cute, cuddly and a bit gassy. It has a wireless remote control that when pressed...well you know. Everyone's got a prankster in the family, this might be a good gift to add to his collection. Product Page

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  1. Nancy Miller 28 November, 2007 at 16:20

    I absolutely love this wonderful, cuddly teddy bear! He does break wind very impressively! He actually has five separate farting sounds, some of which are absolutely thunderous! As a matter of fact, I loved my bear so much that I went and bought five more of them; now I have a symphony of sound with all of them! Sometimes when I press their remotes I have a cascade of sound as they break wind individually, and other times, they all burst out at once with very resounding sound effects! Of course, after each “farting session”, I hug and kiss my “babies”; they smell so soft and cuddly,they’re very innocent looking, but they sure can get naughty! You’ll enjoy these lovely creatures; they are really beautiful and sonorous indeed! I highly recommend buying more than one bear for REAL FUN!

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