MSNBC's Digital Day

Last Saturday morning, everyone in the blogosphere woke up to the news that MSNBC had purchased advertising on 800 blogs. This was the largest single blogad buy in history. The promotion is for a special day of TV programming taking place on Wednesday, December 14th. The day is unofficially called "Digital Day" and will feature special Internet related TV programming, a live blogger, and interaction with bloggers throughout the day.

Although MSNBC's intent in purchasing the blogads was to gain TV viewers, most of the press around Digital Day has been about the massive blogad buy and not about the content

of the shows. To help raise awareness of the topics being covered on December 14th, MSNBC has put together a special video teaser tape for Digital Day in iPod and Sony PSP video formats.

The subjects being covered on Digital Day range from Oddball Videos and the Porn Industry to more serious topics like Internet Addiction (chat rooms, online gambling, shopping, gaming, etc).

Many of the clips being covered in the Oddball Video segment have probably been in your inbox before. My favorites are the fishing monkey, Pope drinking beer, Elvis impersonator pumping gas and the singing Swedish kid.

Rita Cosby's coverage of the Porn Industry and Internet Addiction will probably strike a chord with a more sophisticated audience. Call me simple, but I just want to see the funny clips.

You can download the MSNBC "Digital Day" Teaser Tape here:

If you don't know how to copy videos onto your PSP, then check out this tutorial: How to Copy Videos onto Your Sony PSP

elvisProgram your TiVo's now. Here are the MSNBC shows to checkout on 12.14.05:

  • Oddball Video - Keith Oberman: 8 p.m. ET
  • Inside the Valley of Porn - Rita Cosby: 9 p.m. ET
  • Internet Addiction - Joe Scarborough: 10 p.m. ET

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