Harry the Stickler

HarryFormila has two fabulous ways to organize your everyday stuff creatively. Harry and Harry Jr. are two versions of the same amazing product. Both were designed to organize your everyday conventional stuff and be used in an unlimited number of places and spaces such as the office, kitchen, bedroom, or wherever your imagination takes you. You can place this unusual and brilliant design wise gadget on walls or any flat surface. You can shape Harry to make your own design. The flexible and sturdy wires will allow you to form them into hooks, rings, claws or whatever shapes best fit your needs. This accessory holder will surely become a personal organizing aid and a first subject in every new conversation with your friends or colleagues. Price: $18-$28. Find it at Formila.com.

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  1. Gadget Garden 18 August, 2005 at 03:08


    Lopen je sleutels ook altijd weg? Kun je nooit je horloge vinden? Dit is Harrie. Harrie heeft grijpgrage armpjes, je kunt ze zelf vormen. Harrie is een verzameling buigbare, stevige draden, hiervan kun je haakjes maken, om alles vast te…

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