MoGo Dapter

Mogo Dapter

If you are trying to add Bluetooth extensibility to your notebook, but you can't add it via an internal module, and you haven't been thrilled with the present external (USB/PCMCIA) offerings, Newton Peripherals has a solution for you in their new MoGo Dapter device, which has been touted as the world’s smallest Bluetooth adapter.

It’s design is small and unobtrusive, and it has no weird parts (antennae and the like) jutting out from your notebook. (which to me, in other product designs is a serious design flaw for notebook products, and creates the risk of becoming damaged as you move your notebook about, which means you can't leave them plugged in, which defeats the purpose of having a notebook and being mobile...are you seeing my train of thought here?)

Thankfully, the Mogo USB Bluetooth adapter should be available this June, putting the above conundrum to rest. It supports Bluetooth standard v2.0 +EDR, to provide you with quicker connection times, enhanced voice and multimedia quality, greater Wi-Fi environments, and up to three-times-faster data-transfer speeds than v1.2 Adapter and will only set you back about $49.

Find out More about the MoGo Dapter and other MoGo Products here.

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