Geek was the new Chic at the Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards aired Tuesday night on FOX, where celebrities like Ryan Cabrera, Nick Cannon, Jon Heder, Jesse McCartney, and David Boreanaz earned true geek credentials when they scooped up armfuls of Dungeons & Dragons games. Wrestler Hulk Hogan got in on the action, too, posing with a dwarf D&D Miniature figure.

Celebrities were thanked for their time backstage where they get to customize their "Celebrity Gift Bag". BackStage Creations produced the " MY SCENE GOES HOLLYWOOD Celebrity Retreat" and they gave us the scoop on what other techo-chic gadgets celebrities got to take home.

Lauren1.  My Scene goes Hollywood Dolls

2.  Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game and D&D Minis!

3.  Nokia 6236i

4.  Mood-lites "Lightbulbs for your Lifestyle"

5.  Hasbro iDog the interactive pooch with personality

6.  Hello Kitty Skateboards

7.  Hasbro New Furby

8.  Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS

9.  Sony Jam Trax Music Creation Software

10. Verb 8372

11. Huffy Bikes by Jesse James

12. MTV Cribs Home Furnishings

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