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6 Items of Safety Gear for Blue Collar Workers

Come to think of it, blue collar workers do some of the most dangerous jobs. It has been this way for decades now. Dealing with debris, electrical wiring, loud noises, and even chemical exposure are some of the things blue collar workers have to put up with every day. Of course, there are risks involved in these jobs and countless blue collar workers have even lost their lives owing to their line of work.

This article is all about how these safety threats can effectively be reduced by wearing personal protective equipment. For those who don’t know, PPE includes items of safety gear that can keep you safe in such physically demanding and risky jobs. Some of these items are meant to keep you safe and some of them are for your comfort.

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1- Head Caps

This is the most important item of the safety gear. If you want to stay safe on a construction site, you must keep your head safe from falling debris and other head injuries. These days, hard hats are available in various comfortable designs that allow you to adjust their interior harness and sweatbands.

2- Safety Glasses

You must know this already that eyes are the most sensitive organ in a human body. While doing a blue collar job, there are things that can harm your eyes. It could be debris in the air, it could be a welding spark, and it could be infrared radiation as well. Thanks to safety glasses, you can cover your eyes while on a worksite.

3- Earplugs or Earmuffs

Construction sites usually employ heavy machinery that make deafening noises. Exposing your ears too much to these loud noises can affect your ability to hear. Always make sure you have a pair of earplugs or earmuffs with you at all times when working on a site.

4- Stretch Workpants

Wearing jeans at blue collar jobs can be exhausting because they’re too tight. Wearing something comfortable and loose like stretch workpants can make you move around freely. This just makes all the work related to carpentering, plumbing, construction, and electrics a lot easier. For a variety of appropriate and comfortable clothing, you can visit

5- Dust or Face Masks

For both safety and comfort, you should consider wearing a full face mask that covers your face and mouth and keeps you from inhaling the dust in the air. People who have to work with hazardous chemicals must not forget this piece of safety gear at any cost.

6- Gloves and Boots

While employed in a blue collar job, you are forever at risk from sharp objects that can cut your hands and pierce your feet. There can be bacteriological risks as well from which gloves can keep you safe. Similarly, work boots can keep you from slipping onsite and can provide you better balance. You don’t have to worry about bumping your feet against heavy weights anymore, you can walk around comfortably even in a damp environment.

With these six pieces of personal protective equipment, all the risks associated with your blue collar job can be alleviated and your personal safety on the job can be ensured as well.