Flybook Mobility is everything. The Flybook is a compact computer that's as powerful as a desktop or laptop, yet as handy as a mobile phone. It actually comes equipped with the latest telecommunications technology that allows your to pop in your SIM card and start making phone calls. The screen rotates and closes back onto its keyboard transforming it into a Tablet PC that can be managed with a stylus pen.  This notebook runs on Windows XP, has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, GPRS and comes in many colors. It goes on sale on September 1st but not before making its debut at New York's Fashion Week by being displayed at the Altman Building. Specs: 512MB of RAM, 40GB- 100GB HD, 8.9" wide view 16:9 display and weighs 1.2Kg. Price: $2,400+ [via]

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