Grab 'em by the Eye Balls Session at Blogher

Blogher  I will be attending next weeks Blogher conference where I hope to meet many women bloggers from all over the country (come and say Hi). Not only will I be in there, but I will also be co-hosting a Blog Design Session with Lynda Keeler, founder of and So if you plan to attend this class, make sure you head over to  or leave your comments here, and tell us what information would be helpful to you.

Here's a brief summary:

Grab ‘em by the eyeballs:

Use visual design to enhance, engage and keep them coming back.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer or even have an advanced design sensibility to incorporate design elements that will create a more easy to use blog. Designs elements ranging from layout to icons to photography are easy to find and with most blog templates easy to integrate.

Good design encourages more readers, more interaction, more return visitors and more referrals. It also allows you to create an identity for you and the blog that will be memorable in a visual sense rather than only through your writing. It’s not about being pretty it’s about capturing attention and giving your readers the chance to quickly scan and decide what’s new, what’s interesting and what to spend time on.

The Room of her Own will be a give and take and show some of the best examples of how blogs have used design to heighten the experience. We’ll show some before and after case studies and share resources of blog designers, design elements, template creators and other tools that help create a visually exciting experience that showcases your personal style. Not being a designer I encourage design professionals to join in with me to lead the session.

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