Blu-ray on a Dell

Dell has jumped into the Blu-ray (Blu-ray can store 5 times the amount of a dual-layer DVD) frenzy and added Blu-ray to their newest laptop offering, the XPS-m1710.  It includes the Blu-ray drive and is probably working to keep up with competition.  Sony and Toshiba have been ahead of the game with past releases.

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The XPS-m1710 now comes with the ability to save up to 50GB of data to a Blu-ray disk.  I was just asking friends and family what they used for backup options and this certainly would have plenty of room for that.  Do you need that much storage on a notebook?  Someone does and I'm sure it won't be long until we're all using high storage options, but I can't help but think this is a little overboard for now.

Focused, most likely, on power users, this laptop from Dell will be a good bit ahead of other releases and might keep you from having to upgrade anytime soon.  Priced at $3,699, those that purchase really need to be serious about storage options.

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