Kolobags at UCLA Fashion Show

Kolobags Many of the hottest trends start on college campuses. On May 19, 2005, Kolobags was the presenting sponsor of Culture Shock, a fashion show on University of California Los Angeles’ (UCLA’)s campus that featured styles from leading fashion brands such Juicy Couture, UGG Australia, Michael Stars, and Club Monaco.  A crowd of 350+ showed up to watch budding models strut their stuff on the runway.  As a unique twist, the event began at twilight and took place outdoors, under the stars and bright lights.  Attendees had access to a designated area to mingle and shop for the featured fashions, including Kolobags’ laptop and specialty bags for women with style.  Kolobags’ fashionable laptop bags were featured in numerous scenes, complementing the featured styles ranging from casual to business wear.   (Kolobags’ pink Paulpac Messenger Bag was worn in the urban/casual look, while a Moonsus Brief in tan was paired with a suit)

Kolobags2_1 “Sponsoring Culture Shock made sense for Kolobags:  laptops are part of the lifestyle for college students,” explained Kolobags Managing Partner, Elaine Sanders.  “With it being so close to graduation, there are also students thinking about how to transition into the work world.  Showing fashionably designed laptop bags as part of an outfit is a leading step in helping students to recognize that they have choices that will match their own unique style and needs.  Separate and yet equally important, this was a way for Kolobags to give back and support the efforts of the student community, who is an integral part of our success.”  [Thanks to Raffaella Camera for updating us on this story]

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