Zippo goes blue

Zippos are highly sought after lighters as they boast the ability to keep a flame alive no matter how strong the wind around is blowing. Well, the company has kept up to tradition with a new Zippo lighter known as Zippo BLU - this lighter trades in the old fuel for hot-burning butane based flame, resulting in a blue flame (if you've studied science, you'd know that blue colored flame burns much hotter than those orange tongues of death). In addition to being hotter to light up your cancer sticks, it also stands straight even in the wind. Just in case your friends can't tell the difference between an standard Zippo and the BLU version, this model comes with an updated external design while maintaining a one-hand operation, the trademark flint-wheel ignition system, and lifetime warranty for over $30 a pop.

Source: Luxist

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  1. zippo 20 July, 2011 at 15:40

    The article goes on to detail some of the ways Zippo Manufacturing Co. tries to stay one step ahead of the copycats and tries to avoid repairing “Repos” or fakes. Curiously, the article fails to mention one ‘weapon’ that Zippo might use to shut down infringers and to try to stop the importation of knock offs: Trademark registration. In addition to registrations for the ZIPPO brand name and the logo, Zippo has wisely registered the product shape as a trademark.

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