Nokia 7280 in JLo's "Get Right" video

Nokia7280 You probably have seen this Glam Phone on JLo's "Get Right" video.  Darla Mack, our mobile diva has written a great review on this elegant, chic and luxurious phone that is becoming a favorite among celebrities. Usher has also been spotted using this phone in his Mini Movie during Fox's New Years Eve Special. Here is an excerpt of Darla's review:

The black lacquer casing makes this phone as fashionable as the woman that possesses it.  The hint of red just makes it even more glamorous especially if you have the right shade of nail-polish and lipstick to match!   And don't even get me started on the mirror... thumbs up on that essential!!!!  It was odd watching this little mirror turn in to a clear functional screen, and although small, the fonts and graphics are crisp enough to not bother the eye. This accessory also comes with a few accessories of its own.  A sleek leather carry case and hang strap.   Even the home charger had a touch of fashion savvy with its hidden compartment for the cord. Read more. [ Via Darla Mack]

Courtesy of Darla Mack


  1. Andrea 26 May, 2005 at 12:23

    could you tell me the brand of the t-shirt that Jlo is wearing in her latest video, “hold you down”, with the writing “F**K OFF” censored?!



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