I think I'm Paranoid

Oct_01_gps I want GPS on everything because I think I suffer from Short Term Memory more often than not. When I go jogging, I tend to take pepper spray with me "just in case" someone tries to steal me, and I tend to loose anything that leaves my purse. The greatest invention for me would be GPS stickers I can plant on anything important like my ID, my keys or even my purse. Who's with me? I think I might have found the perfect GPS tracker for us paranoid types, the NAVICOM GPS Personal Locator is a portable tracking device for personal safety and asset monitoring. It can be used as an emergency cellular phone with speed dialing for two-way voice communication, can silently dial 911 with personalized voice to report location and time stamp, send out SMS messages to a control center and best of all you can monitor anything in real time on the Internet.  I love the idea of putting this in my car, since California has the highest auto theft rates in the country.

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