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The Lottery Helps a Nurse to Care for More Covid-19 Patients

Shameka Walker, a nurse of Charlotte, experienced something which left her in complete awe. She never tried something like that. Shameka is a nurse, and being associated with her profession, she served patients during the covid 19 pandemic. 

She is married and is a mother of two children, as such, you can imagine that she is a generally busy person.

It is no surprise that she has never bought lottery tickets throughout the past few years, but fortunately, her first choice when participating in the lotteries turned out to be wonderful. 

Now, winning the lottery is not so easy for many people but those who do strike it lucky are able to change their lives a great deal. Here is what you need to know about Shameka and what she is doing with her winnings.

Shameka Walker and Her Winnings

She won a total of over $216,614, and she doesn't want anything for herself but aims to continue helping people as she did throughout her profession. Sure, she can go ahead and buy an Xbox, a toy car, or purchase some fantastic swimwear but she is going in a different direction.

Hence, through this considerable prize money, she has generous plans and wants to help people. Moreover, in an interview, she said she wants to help the bedridden, elderly, and patients suffering from the contagious COVID 19 disease. She elaborated that she wants to offer treatment and services for the people suffering from this deadly virus. 

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She Tried her Luck and it Worked

Walker attributed this to luck and charm only and said that this would not have been possible if she hadn’t tried her luck. In addition to this, she also wants to go on a vacation with her family through some portion of this wonderful money when the pandemic is over, and the conditions are safe and secure around the world. 

Walker said that she logged in to the website, signed in to the online play, and decided to buy her first cash five tickets. 

She notes that everything happened so fast. This whole scenario was instantaneous, and took place while Walker was getting ready to go to bed. 

She did not know what would happen and if she would win. This is similar to the situation for many other people. But it turned out quite well in the end.

Walker chose five numbers randomly based on her daughter’s birthday, her birthday and her son’s birthday. Although Walker won the same night, she didn’t know until she checked the website the following day. Walker was herself astonished and didn’t believe what she won. She quickly told her close family members that she won! Since she is a mom, if she is a winner, the family are winners, too!

This story provides an interesting lesson. It is all about ensuring to participate in activities that might not take a lot of work from you but could pay off handsomely.

She knew that the upside would be huge and ensured to take her shot. Well, it worked out in the end!