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Why You Should Get A MMJ Card In New Rec States

The global interest in medical marijuana is increasing with time, and why shouldn't it? After all, it is known to improve quality of life for people with various health issues. Marijuana is rapidly getting the support of people, and thanks to its legalization, it is just starting to gain momentum in major parts of the USA.

If you are a resident of Arizona, then you have all the rights to rejoice on, since your state has just made recreational marijuana legal. But, until recreational marijuana is set up in Arizona, you need to apply for your MMJ card first.

If you are unsure and thinking why get an Arizona medical marijuana card, then let us dive into the benefits of having an MMJ card in Arizona.

  • Holding a medical marijuana card will help you save money on taxes. A recreational marijuana user must pay hefty taxes on marijuana while medical marijuana cardholders are exempt from them.

With a mmj card, you can access medical marijuana dispensaries that provide MMJ patients with top-notch quality cannabis. Recreational users without a med card are not able to enter medical only dispenaries and aredeprived of this benefit. Additionally, dispensaries never run out of high-quality medical marijuana because the law in some states makes it mandatory to keep a specific percentage of marijuana reserved for MMJ patients. Hence, holding a card means you will have access to that special reserve.

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  • Having the MMJ card will allow you to possess a maximum of 2.5 ounces of potent marijuana flower (or concentrate, edibles, or topical form of the same weight). You can procure this much marijuana or CBD products once in two weeks. Without the card, until recreational marijuana is available, you will not be able to possess any of it. Even in states where you will find recreational marijuana is legal, people can legally possess only a certain amount of marijuana, but medical marijuana cardholders are allowed larger amounts in some states.
  • If you want to be able to confidently use medical marijuana, then getting the MMJ card is pretty beneficial. Even today, when things are gradually changing, some people worry they will face problems at you’re their workplace if they are a recreational marijuana user without a med card and more so, if they do not pass a drug test. But, with the card, you may be able to enjoy further legal protection
  • Suppose you are willing to grow the plant at home. Then, with the med card, in some states you will be allowed to cultivate the plants provided you live at least 25 miles away from the nearest dispensary. Look into the laws of your home state for the exact number of plants you are allowed to cultivate at home. Some states allow mmj patients a higher number of plants. Of course, the area has to be kept under lock and key as well as under supervision.
  • If you are over eighteen years of age, but below twenty-one, then it is mandatory for you in Arizona to hold an MMJ card so that you can start the marijuana medication for the qualifying ailments.

The ?Arizona residents MMJ card online in Arizona can be your key to feel privileged as far as medical marijuana usage is concerned. It’s not just a card but an invaluable possession that can provide you with much-needed access to the benefits of medical cannabis.