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How the Adult Toy Industry Is Changing With Technology

Over the past few years, the tech industry has made phenomenal advances in various sectors. But one of the most interesting fields of innovation has emerged in the form of the adult entertainment industry. From R-rated games to niche devices, technology has revitalized the adult entertainment segment for the better.  Yes, whether it is the right dildo for ultimate satisfaction or other easytoys that help to provide relaxation, one can find that there are several stimulating options in the world today.

Due to these advancements, adult entertainment companies have unveiled spectacular offerings in the recent past. Some of them come in the form of tangible toys, while others reign the territory of virtual sex. 

To see how the adult entertainment industry is changing with technology, here’s a lowdown on some of the most interesting tech-powered innovations in the sector.

App-controlled Toys

Traditional vibrators, suction vibrators, and massage wands have been around for a while. But the tech industry has recently turned up the pleasure to another level. With app-controlled functionalities, you can easily enhance the convenience, comfort, and fun that you can derive from these toys. 

These app-controlled toys can connect to your mobile device either by Bluetooth or WiFi, and open doors to a plethora of possibilities. From controlling the toy’s intensity to dictating its function, you can do a lot more than what was once considered the limit of pleasure toys. 

Apart from letting you enjoy yourself to the fullest, app-controlled toys also cater to kink or domination-based dynamics. As long as these products are being used with the full consent of each partner, their distance-based controls can spice up any relationship in a whole new way.  They allow you to minimize your chances of other issues that may result from miscommunication.

Virtual Reality Content

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Virtual reality (VR) content stands front and center of the new era of tech. Keeping this in mind, it is no surprise to see it coming to the forefront of adult entertainment in recent years. 

While there is a lot of progress to be made on this front, many adult entertainment providers are actively developing engaging VR content for their viewers. This includes video content and gamified offerings alike, which deliver the consumer an enthralling and captivating experience through a VR headset. 

With the expanding availability of VR creation solutions, more and more creators are getting comfortable with the development of VR content. This indicates that the adult entertainment industry is on its way to holding a vast section of VR-based games and video content in the near future. 

Direct Content Delivery

Up until a couple of years ago, adult entertainment content came from select studios only. While the emergence of adult content sharing websites made way for amateur or aspiring content creators to reach a wider audience, it still had a barrier to entry in the form of little to no compensation.

But with the creation of direct-delivery apps such as OnlyFans and JustForFans, the tech industry has revolutionized the creation of adult entertainment content. In fact, these content delivery models have become so popular that they are being mentioned in award-winning songs and now also count some fairly-popular mainstream celebrities as proud content creators. 

The direct content delivery model has also allowed content creators to harbor deeper connections with their fans for on-demand content. As a result, these apps are frequently utilized by those who want to thank adult content creators with well-earned compensation. Some of these content creators also go on to endorse their preferred toys or even have specialized items made in their likeness, which also shows the influence of tech on the adult toys industry.

With new innovations and imaginative ideas always bubbling on the tech surface, the industry is bound to propel the adult entertainment sector to new heights in the future. For now, you can take a moment to marvel how far this particular sector has come in the past few years and where exactly it can go with a little more creativity.