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4 Home Decor Trends

If your home’s decor no longer excites you, you may want to consider swapping out some of your home’s design elements for brand new trends. If you need a little home decor inspiration, continue reading to discover 4 fresh home decor trends to inspire your home’s makeover. Alternatively, visit Domayne for more ideas.

1. Dark interiors

In the coming months expect to see dark interiors which feature dark hues such as forest green, burgundy, navy, violet, and ruby red, increase in popularity. If you are not afraid of taking a style risk, you may want to consider painting one of your walls in a dark shade of burgundy or violet. Which will instantly transform the vibe of your chosen room.

Alternatively, if you do not want to commit to painting your walls in a dark shade, you may want to consider purchasing dark coloured decorations for your home. Examples of which may include throw pillows and blankets, vases, and artwork.

2. Velvet pieces

If you are looking to incorporate a style trend into your home decor plans, which will not date in a couple of years, you may want to invest in a few classic velvet pieces. As although velvet is set to become one of this year’s hottest design trends, velvet decor never goes out of style.

Some innovative ways to incorporate velvet pieces into your home decor including purchasing a velvet chaise or ottoman or investing in an eye-catching velvet headboard, for your master bedroom.

If you cannot find a velvet piece of furniture which you love in store, you may want to consider getting an old chaise, sofa or ottoman reupholstered in your choice of velvet - which will guarantee that you will be the proud owner of a one of a kind pieces of furniture!

Alternatively, this Hammar Modular lounge from Domayne could be the right piece of non-velvet furniture for you.

3. Dark wood

This year light wood furniture will decrease in popularity as dark wood furniture will increase in popularity. If you are keen to jump on the dark wood bandwagon, you may want to invest in a dark wood sideboard for your lounge or your master bedroom. Or you may prefer to invest in a modern dark wood dining table for your dining room.

4. Global-inspired prints

If you love the idea of infusing a bit of international flair to your property, you may want to purchase a few decor pieces which feature bold global-inspired prints, to liven up your home’s decor. Examples of prints which you may want to decorate your home with include tribal prints and Aztec style prints.

Creative ways to incorporate global-inspired prints into your home’s decor is to purchase a duvet set in a tribal print or to purchase throw cushions for your sofa, which boast a fun global-inspired print.

Hopefully, after reading the four up and coming decor trends listed above, you will have adequate design inspiration to makeover your home’s decor. As there is never any point in continuing to live in a home, which does not inspire you. As you will spend a huge portion of your week in your home, so it is well worth designing interior spaces which excite and inspire you.