Ice, Ice Baby

Kodcam_1Even if these gals loose the most coveted little gold statue in the industry to one of their peers, they still come out winners. Best Actress Oscar nominees (Keira, Charlize, Reese, Felicity and Judi) will be presented with a bejeweled, first dual lense Kodak Easyshare V570 digital camera. The personalized Easyshare V570 will be encrusted with 75 diamonds in the Best Actress nominees' initials, and is valued at $20,000 each. And those are the perks of being rich and famous, you get more riches and fame. [Via]

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  1. Pica 2 March, 2006 at 07:30

    Hmm…I’m more interested in the dual lens part than the diamonds. What do the two lenses do? Am I missing something here?

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