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10 Gadgets and Resources to Make Mom’s Life Easier

Even though Mother’s Day is over, it’s always a good time to help make Mom’s life easier. Mothers have a lot on their plate, often juggling a full-time job, keeping the house clean, and carting around the kids for errands and activities. They need all the help they can get to be able to check off their to-do lists and find time to relax and reset.

Here are some of the best gadgets and resources to help make Mom’s life easier this year.

Automatic Vacuum Cleaners

Even though moms aren’t the only ones staying home these days, handling chores and childcare, no mom will argue with a great vacuum cleaner. Try out a robotic vacuum that can run when you’re focusing on other tasks around the house. These vacuums have a range of helpful settings so they can start working automatically during certain times of the day.

Try out the latest models from iRobot or Samsung and keep your floors clean without doing a lot of work.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have spread to many homes across the nation. These devices can be placed in any room of the house, and you can ask them questions, like measurement conversions during cooking, or tell them to play a song that’s stuck in your head. When Mom is getting things done around the house, a virtual assistant can provide instant information and entertainment. She can still have her hands full and check the weather.

Popular virtual assistant devices include the Amazon Echo and Google Home, which both pair easily with your favorite apps and smartphones.

Smart Watches

Another gadget to consider for Mom is a smartwatch. These devices can link to her smartphone so she can text, play music, track her steps, and look at social media from her wrist. These devices can also track heartbeat and sleep patterns, and can, of course, keep the time.

Try out the Apple Watch Series 3 or the Fitbit Versa 2, and take advantage of these watches that are also mini computers and fitness trackers.

Instant Camera

Moms are used to taking photos on their tablets or smartphones. But this limits their ability to print photos and share them with friends and family. An instant camera can be a great option to photograph the kids, as photos are printed on the spot.

You could even invest in a portable photo printer, like the Polaroid ZIP Wireless, which pairs to smartphones and other devices to print photos instantly. These are great options so moms can stay in on the action and document important moments without a lot of fuss.

Wireless Headphones

Any device that’s wireless will help Mom move throughout the house and complete tasks seamlessly. Get her a pair of wireless headphones so she can listen to her favorite music and podcasts while she works or exercises.

Try out the Apple Beats headphones for better sound, or Apple AirPods or Bose SoundSport Pulse headphones for something smaller and more manageable.

Health Products for Children

One of Mom’s biggest concerns is keeping the kids healthy. This involves meal preparation and healthy planning, but also research into which multivitamins for children provide the best results. Choose a vitamin that tastes good to kids so they’ll actually enjoy taking them. Try out gummy vitamins so they won’t have any trouble swallowing a pill.

These are just a few gadgets and resources to consider for Mom. Mothers have enough on their plate, so provide a new technology that will help them enjoy working or streamline a process. Whether you choose to focus on cleaning, childcare, or entertainment, Mom won’t be disappointed by these upgrades.