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The Impact of Climate Change on Six UK Cities

Climate change is discussed by many as something that is broad and only has very long term impacts and implications for our communities. It is different, however, when the impact of this climate change is seen on a localized level. According to various studies, there are many different types of localized impacts that can take place as a result of climate change in cities including some of the following that are categorized as more profound.

Birmingham - Enough CO2 To Fill A Tower

A study conducted recently with regards to the air quality of Birmingham, England found that the amount of carbon monoxide that exists in this city which is the second largest in England would be enough to fill their largest tower standing as high as 184 meters. This is a substantial indication of the impact that climate change is having on a localized level.

Leeds - A Rural Problem As Well

Leeds is not as developed as some of the other prominent places throughout England and many of the buildings that exist in the area are most known for their historical designs and shapes. Nonetheless, the amount of carbon monoxide that exists in this area is also a substantial amount which shows that even more spread out and traditional places are not immune to the impacts of climate change.

Glasgow - Small Is Not An Excuse

Even Glasgow, which is known as a relatively small Scottish city compared to other larger and more prominent cities shows that climate change is a factor to consider in this environment as well. This shows that even smaller cities are not going to be able to avoid some of the impacts that climate change has on these areas.


Overall, it would seem that climate change has an impact on many different types of communities as opposed to just one and this pertains to small cities as well as large cities and rural communities just as much as urban communities as well. The combination of all of these impacts shows that action needs to be taken in this area. Know of any other impacts created through climate change? Let us know down below!