Holiday Gift Guide: Gadget Lover Wish List

Your favorite gadget lover works to get the really fun gadgets as they hit the shelves.  This year, really make their Christmas wishes come true with some of the following ideas, and don't forget to plug in the USB Christmas Tree.  Cat J. Winblood

Chestnut Hill Sound - GEORGE "Brilliant Sound, Ultimate Control"

When they say ultimate control, they mean it!  This gadget lover gift
is a high-quality sound system that allows your gadget lover to choose
songs and utilize the iPod menu the way it was meant to be used. 

Very different from the usual iPod system,
this has a removable faceplate that can be used as a remote, and it
charges with a docking system.  The wireless remote, AM/FM radio, alarm
system and other options make this truly an electronic dream.

Easily integrates with the iPod and GEORGE
takes over, or rather, allows you to take over, your music collection.
Unique and convenient, you can bet your gadget lover will appreciate
this gift.  There is a "quiet" button both on the remote handset and the system, so no matter where you're located, you can silence it with the touch of a button, if needed.

Chestnut Hill Sound is taking
great steps toward reversing the idea that electronics, in our current
disposable society, can't last.  They want you to look at the new views
they conceptualize and picture buying one system, for many uses, that
is expandable and able to be upgraded without purchasing another model,
year after year.

Featured in the Newsday consumer electronics holiday gift guide, and winning Best of Show at Macworld only touches on the awarding future of this product.  I interviewed Steve Krampf, Co-founder and CEO of the company and I had to ask him the question...why is this system named GEORGE?

He responded that inspiration came from George Martin, the producer of the Beatles.  With his artistic use of technology in the recording industry, it's not a question why the product was named after him, to honor him.

In constant continued development, the systems features are always being worked on to make your listening state of the art and easy to enjoy.  I highly recommend this product as a gadget lover gift this year, or an excellent addition to your own wish list.

The alarm set-up is fantastic and allows you so many choices in setting up your daily waking.  Your gadget lover will enjoy the customization that allows them to choose from sources like the AM/FM radio, iPod (even a specific song!), tone and you can set the alarm volume (for those of you that need to wake up to something loud) as well.

Apple - iPod Touch MP3 Player

The iPod Touch MP3 Player is exceptionally cooler than the older models out there.  This MP3 player allows you to view YouTube videos with a nicely sized 3.5" display, with access to new music via a Wi-Fi connection (check your local Starbucks and grab some tunes!).  Also, you can access the iTunes Wi-Fi music store
for other choices.  Holds photos and even detects how you hold the
screen, switching from vertical to horizontal based on your movements.
This will make your favorite gadget lover smile!

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Insignia - DVD Shelf System (with HD Radio and iPod Docking)

baby rocks, and it looks sleek and shiny, too.  Your gadget lover
certainly owns an iPod or an MP3 player and who doesn't enjoy a good
movie or two? 

The NS-HD2114
has enough features to compact it all up and bring entertainment to the
room.  Plays DVDs, has a USB port for other devices and features a nice
display (which also can be connected to your TV for easier menu
browsing) and an easy to use remote control. 

Keeps the power at their
fingertips and allows for easy browsing of songs or menus, too.  The best
features of this 75w system is the ability to connect it to your TV and
do things like display photos and play movies.  This sets the device apart from your typical system and makes it a gadget lover idea when shopping for gifts this year.

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