Cooper Cooler

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Do you entertain guests in your home or have family that visits on a whim?  This fantastic cooler for wine and canned drinks is incredibly fast at keeping your beverages cool.  I know when I have less room in the refrigerator the drinks get sorted out and the food stays in to stay cold.

This cooler will not only give you the opportunity to have more space but also will free up your time in planning a party or get-together.  Simply place the beverage in the cooler and the items will be ready to drink at a cool temperature of 43F/6C or a little longer to achieve the "ice cold" temperature of 33F/1C by waiting double the times listed:

  • Cans - 1 minute
  • Bottles - 3.5 minutes
  • 750mL Wine Bottles - 6 minutes

Boasting a patented process that is 40 times faster than your regular freezer and safe for carbonated fizz or foam upon opening.  Easy set up with the only work required being that you add ice cubes, water and then plug in the cooler.  It spins when cooling but if you have a more delicate wine, you can use the "no spin" option for those.

Comes in two colors, white and silver with an additional model called the 'tailgater' silver with included 120V household plug and an additional 12V car lighter plug (with small 30 watt draw to keep from draining your battery).

Visit the Cooper Cooler website for more information and to buy.

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