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How to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Times of No School

Whether it is spring break or just the weekend keeping the kids entertained and out of trouble can be quite troublesome. Finding a way to stimulate there minds without the boredom is a must otherwise you are stuck with roudy kids all day. Yes, you can go make them read books, but let's face it, there is no fun in that when they could be doing so many other things. Books are great but you can not force a child to read unless they truly want to otherwise it's a waste.

Nano Block

When it comes to finding something that can stimulate a child's mind, while also being entertaining at the same time Nano Blocks are a great choice. A nanoblock is a a very tiny building block that comes in a few different sizes and packages. They love to mimic many of the most popular characters whether it is Pikachu or Blastoise from Pokemon. There are also a ton of different ones to build. Everything comes from Japan so that is where the influence comes from in the characters and choice of things to build.


Exercising does not have to be boring. More than a decade ago I used to play Dance Dance Revolution at home in the basement. It was a great way to exercise and can be beneficial for other sports as well such as tennis. Getting the kids outside is important. How will they know how to teach there kids outside unless you show them. Even if it is just climbing a small tree stimulating your child's mind is the goal.

Teach them How to Code

This is a Women's technology site so it is only fitting that you teach your kid, or kid's how to code. Coding will be something every child will know in the future and can lead to many great career choices. It is an industry with an endless need plus a great starting salary. There are many different coding languages so starting with something as easy as HTML or SQL can really get them ahead of the curve.

It is a hard job keeping children entertained while also trying to have some alone time of your own.  It's understandable if you have been struggling with staying calm during COVID-19 as well. Click here for ideas on how to prioritize your own mental health during these times, so you can provide the best possible care to your children. What does not feel nice is coming to the end of the day knowing you let your kids watch tv all day. Feel good about yourself and teach them a new skill like how to build nano blocks.