Portable Laptop Cooling

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I had the pleasure of using the portable laptop cooling pad during my recent recovery from surgery.  I utilized it prior to me leaving as I sat my laptop up on my desk and worked away. 

The Portable Laptop Cooling Pad has a nice blue light and an easily plugged in USB connector to keep power going to the pad.  When I shut down my system, the cooling pad shuts down with it.

During use, you cannot hear the fans of the cooling pad like I thought might be an issue.  They run smoothly and efficiently underneath my laptop, keeping it cool while I use my laptop. 

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I found it easily props up the laptop for typing with two little black stands that turn to extend higher for just the right angle.  I move the cooling pad to my lap afraid I might get in the way of the fans but it wasn‘t too bad although I would keep this to using it on a flat surface for best performance.

For $23.95 at Convenient Gadgets, you can get your own.

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