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Tech Trends in Gambling in 2020

The gambling industry has gained immense popularity over the past decade. With the rise of technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain, online casino gambling has been snowballing the demanded experience to its players. 

As per the source, the gambling industry is all set to be worth a whopping $102.97 billion by 2025. It conveys the intention of casinos going more fierce with their tournaments, and that game developers will come up with more innovative experiences for the online players by leveraging new and advanced technologies. 

After a decade of technological upgradations in the gambling industry, here are a few tech trends that would thrive in online gambling in 2020: 


1) Connectivity with the Internet of Things 


It’s been a while now for IoT, the technology behind connecting all the machines, electronic devices, digital objects and billions of other devices through the internet shaping the online gambling industry. 

With IoT, mobile gaming was put into place for players getting access to their favourite game on the go. Later, live casinos took the platform to connect the players and bring them even closer. Also, all thanks to IoT that casino players can now play the game on their smartwatches too.

Today, online casinos are all set to incorporate the AR/VR devices/headsets to deliver an even better gaming experience. These devices will come with sensors and will present the players with a more realistic gaming environment than live casinos. 


2) AR & VR based Online Casinos


Augmented Reality (AR) in the online gambling industry will assist in introducing a wide range of advanced features to enhance the player’s experience. With a combination of hardware and software, AR-powered online casinos will add realism in the game by letting players see their tables, dealers, staff, and surroundings. Such experiences are bound to make the online casino more thrilling and appealing. 

Virtual Reality (VR), on the other hand, has transformed the usual online casino experience of players. Numerous casinos have already implemented VR to deliver an authentic gaming experience where players can easily explore the virtual casino and relish their latest VR-adapted slot games. 

You might be thinking that VR can’t deliver an experience that numerous slot sites such as Omnia Casino, Classy Slots, and Slots Rush can. Most industry experts feel the same, while the future of gambling may be virtual reality, these top slot sites are timeless in their appeal. However, the potential of VR is limitless. With VR headsets to our disposal, the online gamers will be able to play face-to-face with their opponent and throw dices just like they would in reality. 


3) UX with AI and ML 


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) are two technologies that are impacting every business sectors. The online gaming industry is already in love with advanced technologies, and with AI and ML, automation will be used to bring better customer experience to each player. 

AI can be leveraged to boost the player experience by providing them with a filtered game suggestion based on their past preferences, easing out the need for a manual search for their favourite game. Yes, AI is a useful technique to learn the playing habits of the player. Furthermore, AI and ML can also be used for improving customer support for online players. Chatbots are a trial and tested alternative for conferring excellent online customer support. 

ML and AI together can also be used to identify any frauds and cheating players within the system by analyzing patterns in behaviour, which is a difficult task for most humans. So, precisely, these technologies will be quite useful in bringing security to players as well as the owners of the online game. 

What new will an online casino player get in 2020? 

The gambling industry is set to grow tremendously in 2020. Most online casinos are all set to offer their clients with the best possible gaming experience. Apart from providing excellent customer support, enticing bonuses, rewarding tournaments, and VIP programs, they’re focusing on delivering an overall great experience with collaborating a mixture of latest interactive online gaming technologies.

We hope you get an advanced and exciting gambling experience this year.