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Krakow, Poland | Designed for Long Weekends

It is the most cultural city in Poland and has many medieval palaces and museums that are very striking for tourism. All around this area of EU this place is known as an economical city so you can take advantage to buy and enjoy good hotels and services at very good prices.

At those same prices, you will have a chance to taste its cuisine that is very rich and simply unforgettable. Krakow has great public transport and locals will be more than happy to make you enjoy your Krakow adventure the best they can.

If you are also one of those people who, before a trip, do an infinite number of searches and start to fantasize about the place, then, without a doubt, we have to tell you that Krakow will go beyond your expectations.

It is a young, dynamic, colorful city, full of cultural activities, nightlife, with delicious typical dishes and a decidedly low cost of living. To make it short, if you are thinking of spending a few days in Krakow, do not think twice: book that happy air ticket (low-cost options are not missing) and fly there!

A Place Where Some of the Best Fun in Europe Happens

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Did you know that Krakow has more pubs and bars per square meter than any other place in the world? This might be the reason why the so-called affordable Krakow stag do weekends are such sensation among international travelers.

The old city of Krakow considered the historic center usually marks the starting point of cities exploration. In the interior of the old city, there are numerous attractions that you can't miss. Rynek G?ówny, the market square, is the largest medieval square in Europe (200 square meters) and the largest monuments of the city are visible here.

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View from the heights of Wawel Castle in the historic center of Krakow

In the center of the square is the Sukiennice, a large building on the ground floor where you can find a market selling local crafts and souvenirs, while the first floor is occupied by the Polish Art Gallery of the 19th century.

This area is full of pastel houses, groups of cafes and restaurants that extend over the cobblestones in summer. This representation of leisure spots has great historical, cultural and social significance. In it, there have been events of all kinds, from ceremonies and celebrations to public executions. During the Nazi occupation, it was named Adolf Hitler Platz.

Don't forget to enjoy the carriage rides, the flower stalls, the weekend antique market and the endless supply of jugglers and living statues. In addition, the Rynek also houses three of Krakow's biggest attractions: St. Mary's Basilica, the Cloth Hall and the city's newest and lushest museum: the Rynek Underground.