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How to Start Doing Yoga: 3 Apps for Beginners

How to start doing yoga if you can’t find the motivation to go to a gym or you find it to be too expensive for a budget? Are there any alternatives to replace a professional yoga workout with a teacher? And what should you start with? If you are curious about how to get into the activity of doing yoga regularly, even if you have never been into sports before, the following information is 100% what you are looking for.

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There a lot of ways on how to get into sports and start working out regularly. But there is nothing easier and cheaper than using what you already have – your smartphone/tablet. We use mobile phones for texting, listening to music, taking photographs, shopping, gambling over the Internet (the Fair Go casino review is the proof of that), and many other day-to-day activities. Technology is not only for communication or Internet browsing. It is for entertaining and motivating you as well.

So, why not to use it for starting yoga classes at home? It can be even better than a gym.

3 Best Apps for Doing Yoga at Home

Digital yoga classes are a huge trend right now. Free online content makes it easier for a lot of people to join up-to-date yoga activities across the board. No matter where you live, how big your budget is, or how busy you are in the morning. Online apps allow you to join the community of yoga enthusiasts any moment you want it.

A small smartphone in your pocket allows you to get it almost anywhere you are. Keep doing workouts, even while you’re on a business trip or on vacation abroad. Easy, fast, and cheap.

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The problem is about what app exactly to pick. There are so many good applications out there that it is pretty hard for a beginner to choose only one app to start with. Here are a few recommendations on what to look for if you are considering doing asanas via a smartphone/tablet.

  1. Pocket Yoga is a set of vocal and visual instructions that guide you through each pose and breathing. It has 200+asanas in pictures and 20+ programs of professional classes. This application works well with your Health app. Thus, you can track heart rate and calories burnt after each workout.
  2. Daily Yoga is a great fitness app for beginners specifically. It is created in the way to guide through your whole yoga journey – from beginner to advanced levels. It is a perfect choice for those with a busy lifestyle. You get over fifty professional yoga workshops, 500+ asanas, adjustable session durations (up to 60-70 min), etc. In Daily Yoga app, you can pick the class accordingly to the goal of your workout – yoga for weight loss, yoga for better sleep, yoga for core strengthening, and so on. You get clear voice instructions and video guide throughout the whole section. Pick your own pace, preferable background music, and start working on your first pose ever.
  3. Simply Yoga is a free app for those who are absolutely new to yoga and know nothing about what to expect from their first class. This app differs from previous applications by the form it presents yoga instructions. It is more about learning the asanas and how to do them right rather than doing an actual workout. Simply Yoga includes over thirty poses and three different workout variations of doing them.

Doing yoga at home is so versatile. You can pick whatever workout you want and do it whenever you have a minute. Give it a try too.