Fewer Women in Tech Careers

Epson2 The number of women considering IT careers has dropped to its lowest. The IT field seems to have an "image problem" that discourages young women from pursing a career in the sector according to Lucy Sanders, CEO of NCWIT ( National Center for Women & Information Technology) in an article in BizJournal.com. She is also concerned that the shrinking number of women working in technology might hamper the creative process and dull the country's innovative edge.

The tech field has gained a reputation as a boy's club, even girls who excel in math and science might avoid the social stigma of joining a computer club dominated by geeky boys. " It takes a mature and self-possessed woman to want to associate with that group" CU's Bennet said. Jennifer Martin, a graduate student in communications who is trying to enroll in CU's computer science department, said the corporate world needs a female perspective to market products and services in a diverse world.

Jenny Slade, communications director for NCWIT, said they hope to launch "a consistent bombardment" of public service announcements promoting the tech industry to young women. The organization also plans to bring its message to corporations, educators, guidance counselors and legislators nationwide. Read Article in Biz Journal

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