Digital Still Camera and Mobile Phone in One

Finally, a digital still camera with a nice amount of megapixels combined with a decent167758311 8efb686570 m phone setup.  Sony Ericsson has come out with a model K800i (coming soon) that will rival most mediocre digital cameras (like the one I currently own) and many cellphones at the same time.

The Cyber-shot™ digital camera and 3G phone seem to have everything a busy summer enthusiast would want.  The camera includes a flash too!  The cellphone has an included music/video player, uses a memory stick (Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support) and includes an internal 64MB of memory.  With a 72 voice sound it seems Sony Ericsson is ahead of the game.

Check out the phone/camera here.  Will probably be released in the UK first.  Contact Sony Ericsson for more information.

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