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The Pros And Cons Of An E-Business Suite

When you install the E-Business Suite (EBS) from Oracle, you must understand the pros and cons of the program. You can make your office more efficient, but you may run into some problems along the way. Use these tips to determine if your company needs the Oracle EBS. Each of these steps will help your company deploy this program, and you can plan for any drawbacks that you might face.

Everyone Can Use The Oracle EBS

The benefits of Oracle E Business Suite installation begin during your training seminar. Everyone in your office is using the same program. Your manufacturing division will use Oracle EBS, and your accounting team will use the same program. When a manufacturing foreman calls the accounting office, they can talk about the program easily because they both use it every day.

Your employees can share information when they talk about using the Oracle EBS, and you will not worry about a lack of compatibility from one program to another.

Oracle EBS Can Be Expensive

You must purchase several licenses for your Oracle EBS. There are licenses for the people in your office, and you must purchase licenses for training. The entry price might be quite high, and you should hire an EBS consultant to help you deploy the software.

You can organize your business very well when you have a consultant and the Oracle EBS program. However, you need to plan for the price of this system.

You Can Automate Your Functions

You can automate all the things that your company does during the day. Oracle EBS will send data anywhere you want, and you can check the data quickly. Oracle EBS allows you to create paychecks in a few moments, and you can send invoices using the automated system. The program will create an online portal for anyone who wants to make a payment with your company. This is a good way to compel your customers to pay.

When you automate functions, you can collect data quickly. You can create graphs and charts. Plus, you can send tasks to everyone on your staff. Your staff can check the tasks when they are done, and you get automated alerts when the work is done. You do not need to check in constantly, and you can avoid sending emails to people who are currently working on your projects.

You Can Create A Better Email System

You can create a better email system for your company that allows you to send videos, pictures, and files. This system will give everyone a unique username, and that username can be used when your employees clock in. The email system has its own app, and employees can check their emails from anywhere.

You Can Create Reports

You can create reports using the Oracle EBS system, and you can use any data you want to make these reports. You can determine what your company should do in the future, and the reports can be sent to anyone in the office.

You Must Create A Training Seminar

You need to create a training seminar for everyone on your staff. You need to set aside time when the program is first installed, and you may feel like it takes too long to train everyone. However, everyone will be using the same software. Everyone goes through the same training class, and your staff is never left to guess how to use the program.


The Oracle EBS can be used to make your business more efficient and productive. However, you must plan for the cost of the program, training, and a consultant. If you plan ahead, you can deploy this system easily.