All things great & SMALL

Moblibluus2Slated for a July release, meet MobiBLU's latest addition to their family of petite MP3 players, the MobiBLU US2.

The US2, which apparently stands for Ultra Slim, comes in 1, 2 and 4 GB sizes and features flash memory & the ability to play MP3's, FM radio & video!!! Another notch in its belt, the US2 is actually smaller than the iPod Nano @
80 mmx 4 0mm x 7-9 mm and comes in polished aluminium, for a very clean, modern design.

The DAP has a 1.5 '' colour OLED screen and features a keypad that resembles that of the Motorola Razr, and supports photo viewing and audio recording (the specifics of which are unclear right now).

The unit also features SRS WoW audio processing for a great audio experience and comes packaged with a lanyard attachment that has built in headphones, which enable the user to port the player around the neck.


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