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Casino Entertainment Led by Women

Women have always been part of the world of gambling since ancient times. Today you see them playing side by side with men, either in poker, roulette, bingo or free slots. But playing either in a B&M casino or online casino seems easy, learning the rules, apply them and become better. What about leading a casino entertainment building? Men are known for taking leading roles, they are even passionate about it.

But what about the passion of leading from a woman? When women are struck with passion, they create wonders. There are many examples of leading women and the number is rising. The “follow your dreams” norm is even more passionate in them nowadays. Eileen Moore is one such example among many. She is the Regional President at Caesar Entertainment and below we will read her story. If you're wondering these are the best bingo sites to win at bingsites.bet.

A Few Words

An interview between Bill Healey, Peter White and Eileen Moore was held. In the interview Eileen spoke about her career in the casino entertainment industry. Considered one of the Las-Vegas rock-star in casino gaming industry, Eileen Moore started her career in hospitality and she rose within the industry by building experiences in marketing and technology.

She is now a Regional President at Caesar Entertainment Corporation. Starting from Reno, more than 70 years ago, Caesar has grew into the world’s most geographically diversified casino-entertainment company. Eileen is a senior level operations leader with extensive knowledge and proven abilities. She was able to leverage world-class technology solutions in order to create measurable and substantial revenue producing capabilities.

She grew up in the hospitality industry, how did she made the movie into gaming? Well Eileen told that she started working in the hospitality industry since she was a teenager at The Hotel Thayer at West Point Military Academy and she fell in love with the business.

She attended The Hotel School at Cornell University and earned her degree in Hotel Operations. Her main attraction was iconic and historic hotels, she was fortunate to continue her career at The Waldorf-Astoria in New York and The Fairmont in San Francisco. While working she was on the ground level of management strategies and technology.

The vendor that worked with her build their system at Hilton, which was also part of building the first-ever gaming hotel revenue management system for Harrah’s Entertainment. Harrah’s Entertainment is now Caesar Entertainment, and Eileen joined them in 1999, since then she remained within the industry because the business was dynamic and she liked that.

Her management style has been built by working with many of her mentors which helped her to gain experience, something that she is extremely grateful. For five years her style has been focused on developing her team both personally and professionally. He greatest joy is seeing her people lead tremendous businesses. She has directly developed a number of casino General Managers and she is very proud of that.

Eileen Moore is also a founding member of Global Gaming Women. Eileen stated that everything started with an invitation from Virginia McDowell, who is the founding Chairperson and she was thrilled of the opportunity to develop and educate women across the industry. Eileen had a fantastic career and wanted to inspire and motivate women to continue their dreams.

Global Gaming Women mission is to deliver a high impact programs and events on global scale that support, inspire and influence the development of women in the gaming casino industry. The group had hundreds of women that participated in their educational and mentoring programs with a high degree of positive feedback.

The Casino Resorts Led by Eileen Moore

Her main responsibility as Regional President is to operate some of the incredible unique resorts, Flamingo, LINQ Hotel & Casino and Cromwell. She ensures that all of the team members from these resorts are ready to create memorable experiences for their guests. The Flamingo is the longest operating casino resort in Las Vegas and it turned 71 last year. In addition, LINQ Hotel & Casino and The Cromwell are newest in Las-Vegas.

Before turning 71, The Flamingo went through major renovations. The convention center was refurbished, the 1,270 rooms were also renovated, with all rooms completed in the second quarter of 2018. Meanwhile, The LINQ Hotel & Casino had become a significant draw on The Strip. Its target are the millennials. The hotel offers a modern resort experience that is technologically forwards than others, it is approachable and it is situated in a fantastic location.