Armani Includes Rape Alarm Safety Feature


With all the hype surrounding the Armani phone being released in Europe, I'm surprised no one's mentioned that it has a built-in rape alarm. I think that's a safety feature worth talking about, don't you? The Daily Mail picked up on it and wrote a pretty good description of what it does. It seems the built-in rape alarm function can be triggered through jeans or heavy material including a leather bag. It works like this: You pre-program the number of five of you closest relatives and friends into the mobile under a special contact group. If you ever feel your life is in danger or you think you're being followed, you simply press the volume button four times to activate a safety feature that sends out SOS text messages to those in your emergency contact list. That prompts them to call you to gauge your situation, and respond accordingly by calling the police. The alarm also triggers a the phone's built-in GPS tracking system that locates the owners exact whereabouts. It's definitely an interesting feature, and one I wouldn't mind having on my iPhone.

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