Panasonic EVOLTA Battery Wins Record

 Our batteries should last longer and Panasonic has decided to prove this point by  making a longer lasting AA battery called EVOLTA.  Panasonic entered the EVOLTA battery into the Guinness Book of World Records and claim the longest lasting AA battery cell category.

They were recognized as such based on data obtained from discharge tests that were conducted on these EVOLTA batteries by Panasonic.  A change in the battery structure and other materials has made this an innovation we all could benefit from, considering all our lovely gadgets and gizmos happen to need power to keep them going.

Panasonic announces that the alkaline batteries will be good for both low and high current drain applications.  This could really up the ante for other companies to improve their products.  Will the batteries cost more?  Only about $5.40 for a 4-pack, not much more than competitors.  You'll see this battery available later this year in the US.2198071146 6c22e5bb02

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