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Towards a Better Quality of Life: 5 Smart Pieces of Furniture That Will Let You Experience the Modern Technological Advancements

In the age of smartphones, smart speakers and smart thermometers, furniture manufacturers aren’t being left out of the technological revolution. From coffee tables to sofas and mattresses, furniture is becoming more high-tech. You can find sofas with built-in speakers, simple tables which charge your devices or more sophisticated ones which can control your entire home. If you’re worried about purchasing these devices with rambunctious toddlers around or careless teens, you can purchase furniture insurance to give you peace of mind. Let’s look at five of the options on the market.

Fone Salesman FurniQi wireless charging table

A large number of devices in modern homes often leads to an unsightly collection of cables. This bamboo charging table can help you to tackle that problem. It’s an elegant, understated design with a subtly marked charging spot for phones and other small devices. This side table can work well with most existing décor and it is compatible with many phones released over the past several years.

Natuzzi Surround Sofa

This stylish leather sofa will add a modern look to any living room. The focus is on comfort with generous seats and adjustable armrests but that’s not the biggest attraction. This sofa allows you to listen to your favorite music through the optional audio system installed in the corner. You can use an MP3 docking station or connect wirelessly using Bluetooth.

ReST Bed Sleep Monitoring Mattress

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep to our health, mood, and performance. Many people have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep and this mattress may be able to help. It has five zones corresponding to key areas of the body and the level of support these zones offer can be customized through an app. The mattress adjusts its firmness as you sleep based on the shape of your body and the pressure you’re applying. It will also analyze your sleep patterns and provide you with the data. If you’re more concerned about your baby's sleep patterns, this smart bassinet may be just the thing.

SNOO Smart Sleeper

If you’re more concerned about your baby’s sleep patterns, this smart bassinet may be just the thing. It mimics the womb with gentle rocking motions and rumbling sounds to help little ones sleep longer. It can also adjust its white noise levels and motion in response to their cries. The bassinet tracks the baby’s sleep and you can customize its responses to make them perfect for your baby. Smart Sleeper also keeps babies flat on their backs for safer sleeping.

MESA Interactive Digital Screen Coffee Table

This piece of furniture with touch screen ability can be used for entertainment or information in the home, showroom or office. It is essentially a large screen which supports multi-touch function and can be used by multiple users at the same time. It can be used for working with photos, gaming, or mapping activities and areas.

Technology is advancing quickly and soon, these pieces of furniture will be common in homes and offices. If you want to get in on the trend early, consider grabbing an item off this list. Not only do they add to the aesthetics of a space, but they have dual functions as well.