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What Prom Dress Color Suits You the Most?

We all want a prom dress that is a special and as individual as we are. Getting the right fit and style is of course important, but which color we choose is also a key factor in our prom dress decision making.

With such a wide array of colors to choose from, it isn’t easy, and of course you can wear any color you like to our prom. Fortunately, there will be some colors that may suit you better than others, depending on your look, preferences and color pallet. Here we bride you a helpful guide to help you choose which prom dress color you should choose to help accentuate you and your personality.

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Complimenting your skin’s undertone

Choosing the right prom dress color to compliment your skin tone and eye color will help you stand out and feel fab. When thinking about skin color, we need to look at both your surface skin color, and your undertone. One way to check your undertone is to look at the color of your veins. If they look blue you likely have cool undertones, if they look green it signifies warm undertones. Similarly, your eye color can help determine undertones; blue, gray or green eyes usually have cool undertones, and brown, hazel or amber have warm undertones.

For warm undertones, we recommend choosing earthy colors such as yellows, reds and browns. Try to steer clear of icy colors and jewel tones. We think black prom dresses would love great. If you have cool undertones, we think blues, purples and greens will look great, try to steer clear of oranges and yellows.


Complimenting your skin’s surface tone

For darker skin tones, JJ’s House designer Jessica suggests choosing bold and bright colors in order to highlight and balance with your skin. Jewel tones for example emerald and turquoise would look lovely. We think pastels are ideal too, and will be eye-catching at any event. White prom dresses would fit this skin tone, and stand out in a crowd.

For light skin tones, try pastel prom dress colors, such as pastel blue, baby pink, or mint green. These shades will complement your skin tone well.

For medium skin tones similar to olive, we think earth colors and metallics compliment nicely. Try choosing a prom dress in gold, forest green, brown, or cranberry red.

Have fun with it.

With color theory in mind, it is time to consider your personal color preferences. Also, you can think about which accessories or make up you’d like to have, this may inspire you to choose a more bold or neutral colored dress.

Whichever color you choose, have fun with it. This is YOUR day, and as long as you are happy with your color choice and feel great in your outfit, that is the most important thing.

Still eager for more inspiration? Why not try checking out a celeb with similar skin toes to you, find their best looks and see which colors you think would look just as amazing on you.