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4 Unexpected Benefits of Vaping

Vaping is undoubtedly safer than smoking a cigarette. Recently, vaping has become increasingly popular over the last few years to a huge number of smokers who could never find the right solution to quitting. Right now the salt nicotine juices are becoming extremely popular as it gives a similar feeling to smoking with a high nicotine content.

There are many reasons why vaping is a better alternative. I am going to share 4 unexpected benefits of vaping that no one really understands until the switch is made.

Removing Nicotine stains from the fingers

Once you start vaping for a few months you will start to notice the nicotine stains on your finger will start to fade away. This is more apparent in those who rolled their own cigarettes that have no filters. The stains can be embarrassing especially when you are at the doctor and they start to give you a speech on why smoking is bad. What most of them do not realize is how hard it is to quit. If you are a heavy smoker than the Juul vape is the best way to go. You can check out this e-cig shop for anything Juul related.

Makes you drink more water

Drinking more water is obviously a good benefit but, I am sure you are wondering why vaping would cause you to do this. This is because vaping can cause a dry mouth leading to the need for more water than you would usually drink.

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Saves money and time

If you think about it, the amount of time you spend going outside during work can be distracting and frustrating for your colleagues who do not smoke. With the way vapes are being made discreet you do not really have to go outside anymore. If you are savvy, there are certain ways to lower your monthly spending. I personally get empty Juul pods from my friend and refill them myself. The total cost per month is less than thirty dollars. Thirty dollars is what I used to spend in four days when I was smoking.

No Longer Smelling

My personal favorite is no longer smelling like an ash tray. For smokers, people are always giving them dirty looks whether they are on an elevator, or in the office. Its like you have a big sign on your head announcing to everyone that you are a smoker.

Overall the studies are out there that show just how bad smoking really is for you. Whether you want to quit or not is ultimately up to you.