The Care Routine You Need to Implement on Your Refrigerator

Your fridge might be the most significant item in your kitchen. Though it may take up of space in the room, it is a lifesaver for most of your food items. You can cook food once in large amounts and go for a week without preparing meals. Maintaining it properly ensures that it give you service for a long time. How should you manage your refrigerator?

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Clean the condenser coil


The condenser coil is fixed at the back of your refrigerator. It ensures that your fridge remains cool by getting rid of heat. With time, dust can accumulate on radiator coils beneath the device. Clean the condenser coils regularly so that it can continue removing heat from your refrigerator. It also ensures that your machine does not consume a lot of energy. You will, therefore, save on power tokens as you maintain clean condenser coils.

Clean your door seal

The rubber seal on the door of your refrigerator needs maintenance. They are responsible for preventing the interior from warm air. Dirty gaskets add excess pressure on the motors. You can use universal cleaners such as a concentrated spray to wipe your door seal.

Door seals also need replacement after some time since they become lose. You can also re-magnetize the embedded magnets on your door seals. It is a smooth process that only needs you to run a magnet on your door seal regularly.



You may notice the accumulation of frost on your freezer. You need to get rid of it by taking out the food in the freezer. It allows you to reach out all the surfaces of your fridge. Unplug your refrigerator from the power source. Give it time for the frost to melt. Later, you can turn it on and put back your food.

A self-defrosting fridge does not need this process. In this case, your fridge heats up and automatically melts the frost, allowing it to drain into the shallow pan. You need to clean this pan since not all the water can evaporate from it. You can wipe the shallow pan with some water and a mild detergent.  This will keep your fridge bacteria-free and odorless.

Wipe the interior parts

Your fridge needs weekly checks to ensure that everything is running smoothly. You will notice particles of foods on the different parts of the interior. Ensure that you get rid of them by using a wet cloth dumped in some warm water. Get a good cleaner such as all-purpose cleaner to wipe out any spills effortlessly. Allow your shelves to dry before you place them back in the fridge.

Separate the different foods with airtight tins so that there are no odors in your fridge. For foods such as meat or vegetables, you can use a plate to place such foods so that they don't dust the surfaces inside.  A crumpled brown paper ensures that your vegetables remain fresh. Maintain a sparkling fridge by going for wipes that take care of your fingerprints.

Level your fridge

Leveling your refrigerator prevents it from straining the motors as well as condensation. Your refrigerator does not come with an accurate level on the ground. You may notice that your door is not closing as it should. Place a level on your refrigerator as you rotate your fridge up to when you find the appropriate level.


You can use a deodorizer that freshens your fridge with beautiful fragrance. It is very delicate since bad odors can make the food stale. The smell is also irritating to anyone opening the refrigerator, therefore go for solutions such as an air filter deodorizer. Some vanilla extract will leave your fridge smelling nice.

Baking soda is also an alternative if you don't get a deodorizer as it also works well with stubborn stains. You can also use activated charcoal or grounded coffee to absorb smells. Look for a clean sock to put one of these substances and place it on a shelf in your fridge.

Replace the filter


Your manual will explain how you can pull out your water filter without damaging it. Replacing it after six months prevents clogging as well as leakage. It also allows you to maintain clean ice and water free from germs.

Maintain appropriate temperatures

Achieve consistency by maintaining a temperature of less than 40 degrees F. Your food is preserved well and can go for long without having to worry about rotting. Your freezer should always stay at 0 degrees Celsius.

Keep your fridge full

A full fridge prevents warm air from finding room as you open it.  Storing lots of foods and fluids ensures efficiency. If you don't have lots of food to store, you can always fill the space with things like milk, vegetables as well as canned juices. You can also keep large gallons of water to make your fridge remain cool at all times.

Wipe the outer surfaces


Pull the refrigerator from the wall so that you can wipe the entire surfaces, including the back.  An applying glide will come in handy as you pull your fridge so that you don't leave scratches on wooden ground. Your carpet can also remain safe as you use the glide. Use a wet towel and a gentle cleaner to reach all outer surfaces. Once you complete this, you can now clean the surrounding floor with your vacuum cleaner.

Seek help

In case you notice that the freezer or other parts are not functioning correctly, your home warranty will save you from spending on repairs. Most American home shield reviews reveal that their services are cheap and easily accessible. They respond to your queries and cover any damages on your refrigerator.

Final thoughts

Since your refrigerator operates for 24 hours, it needs your attention and care. Lack of high maintenance of this machine can lead to food poisoning. It is very easy to clean as you replace loose parts regularly. Taking care of it will increase its durability. Start treating it as it deserves and get help in case something goes wrong.