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What Every Woman Needs To Succeed In The Tech World

While the tech world is a fun and exciting space to work in, it’s not always an easy path to go down. Believe you can succeed in the tech world and you will. All you need is a willingness to follow your passion and to charge forward without letting other people or situations get in your way. Keep in mind all the women before you who’ve made a name for themselves and a difference in the industry. Know your worth and continue following your dreams regardless of what or who tries to stop you.


What you need above anything else is confidence in yourself and your abilities. A confidence approach on your first day at a new job can go a long way. Stand up straight, speak clearly and remain calm when being introduced to all of your new coworkers. Whenever you start to feel out of place, simply recall your credentials and the process involved in getting where you are today. Having confidence involves diving in completely and not worrying if you make a mistake or two along the way; this is part of the process.

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You want to make sure your skills are up to speed and you have the right qualifications to be working where you are. It’s going to help a lot if you’re good at what you do and know what you’re talking about. Don’t be afraid to show off a bit and let others witness your talents in action. They’ll likely be impressed and respect you more once they know you have the right skills for the position you accepted. Continue to work at perfecting what you already know and educating yourself in the areas where you fall short and need a little more help. Realistically speaking, you’re going to get further along and be more successful in your career when you have the background and skills required to work in the tech industry.


What you also need in addition to your degree and skill is experience. For example, use your free time to play video games; become accustomed to a variety of interfaces and entertainment platforms. This does not have to be a chore; video games such as Escape The Room can allow you to better understand what’s going on in all areas of the technology industry. Another idea is to get an internship working for a good company while you wait to land your ideal job. Go to trade shows, talk with experts and immerse yourself in what you do, so you’re constantly learning and growing. Gain new experiences any way you can and don’t limit yourself to your area of expertise only, but branch out and learn about the tech industry as whole.  


You’re likely not going to be liked by everyone when you start a new job in a male-dominated industry. Realize some people have issues of their own regarding the matter and may never take to you. Have patience and get to know everyone on an individual basis. Spend more time with those who are welcoming and kind to you. Remain patient with the others and stay hopeful that they’ll come around. Also, stay tolerant of yourself and don’t expect that you’ll understand the ins and outs of the business right away. Go in with an open mind ready to learn and soak up all the new information you can.

A Voice

You have to speak up or you’ll get eaten alive in a male-dominated tech world. Find your voice and use it to offer up great ideas and give your opinion on various topics. Don’t worry what other people think, but stay true to who you are and let your thoughts be heard loud and clear. Keep this in mind when you believe you deserve a promotion and are being overlooked for the job. Document all your performance reviews and the excellent work you’ve been producing so you have evidence as to why you deserve a raise or better position.

Willingness to be A Leader

Speaking up and knowing your worth will help you become a leader in your company. Offer to spearhead extra projects that allow you to take charge and demonstrate your leadership skills. Focus on what you do best and others will soon notice how great of a job you’re doing and praise you. Continue showing off your skills and knowledge and your coworkers will slowly start to come to you when they need guidance or have questions. Don’t shy away from this role as being viewed by others as a leader, embrace it and be proud of all the hard work you’ve put in to get recognized by your colleagues.

A Mentor

It’s a great idea to find a trusted mentor in the space who you can bounce ideas off of and consult with when you have problems at work. It doesn’t matter if your mentor is male or female. What matters is that they have experience in the field and your best interest in mind. You’ll appreciate having someone to talk to when you’re faced with sticky situations and challenges in your job. It’s likely you’ll be a good inspiration for them too and be able to help each other out as you navigate through the tech world together.

Handle Conflict Gracefully

You don’t want to be known as the employee in the office who is unprofessional and can’t handle disagreements. It’s extremely important you work on your emotional intelligence and are able to calmly handle difficult circumstances and people with poise. This is why it’s a good idea to learn how to manage your stress outside the workplace, so you’re in a good place when conflict arises at the office and you need to remain composed and problem solve.  


No matter what the role demands, working in the tech world can present various challenges to overcome. By proving to yourself and others that you can handle the environment and demands that will be put on you, you will be able to handle anything. Always remember to follow your passion and know how valuable you are as a worker and you should have no problem succeeding.