Gifts for iPhone Owners Plus Giveaway

Update: Congratulations to Bryan Quan and Mike Delfs winnners of the Monster iPhone Giveaway! Contest is now CLOSED! 12/13/07 ***Keep an eye on future contests**Got an iPhone? Then you're going to need some accessories for your precious iPhone this holiday season. To save you the trouble, we are giving away all of the items listed on this list courtesy of Monster Cable! That's right, you can either email the list to your friends and family hoping they'll buy you these cool accessories, or you can enter our giveaway. All you have to do is send us an email at monstercontest [at] to tell us what your favorite Monster Cable product is. Winners will be chosen  at random next Thursday!

LRG iPhone Cases
We told you about these fancy iPhone cases by LRG earlier this year, and now we want you to have one. Nine cases were designed by Lifted Research Group in conjunction with Monster Cable to keep your iPod clean and protected. The inside is lined with an ultra-soft Kolon Chamude liner that cleans the iPhone screen every time you take it out of case. These cases are available in bright colors, and as an added bonus, the case has a detachable gold keychain in the shape of the LRG logo. They each sell for $50 at Monster

iCarPlay Wireless (works with iPhone)
What's the use of having an iPod or iPhone, if you can't use it in the car? This accessory can play your favorite tunes wirelessly through your car's FM radio, while keeping your iPod charged the whole time. It's perfect for road trips, and those times when you're stuck in traffic listening to American Idol radio.  It even has Autoscan, so you don't have to ever worry about searching for the clearest FM station available. Retails for $99.95 at

iCableLink for iPhone
If you own an iPhone, then you know you can't use your own earphones because of that annoying recessed headphone jack. The iCableLink solves that problem by plugging into your iPhone so you can use any headphones you want. I tested it against other adapters, and this one sounds better than the rest and is flexible, unlike other adapters that just stick straight up. Retails for $9.95 at Monster Cable.

iSoniTalk for iPhone
With Monster Cable's iSoniTalk, you can easily switch between making calls and listening to music. The device includes a microphone that allows you to answer and end calls at the push of a button. You can also plug in your earphones, so you can enjoy your tunes, or talk to your friends without ever holding the phone to your face. Perfect for the gym!  Retails for $19.95 at

This one is for traveling folks who like to share their music or watch movies on the plane. The iSplitter is just that, a splitter that lets you share your sounds, yet each listener can adjust their own volume level or mute the sound completely. Retails for $19.95 at Monster

Note: Two winners will be chosen at random but only one will take the FM Transmitter, or LRG case! Grand prize winner takes home iCarPlay Wireless, iSplitter, iCableLink, and iSonicast. Second place winner takes home the LRG Case, iSplitter, iCableLink, and iSonicast. This offer is only open to U.S. residents over the age of 18. No exceptions.  Winners will be chosen at random.

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