Hello Kitty comes in portable charger form now

Hello Kitty is back to terrorize the masses with her brand of 'cute', and this time it is in the form of a portable cell phone charger. This device comes in the customary pink shade that Hello Kitty products are wont to do, but it isn't compatible with anything other than Softbank-3G or DoCoMo-FOMA handsets. Whenever your phone's battery is all juiced out, this portable charger will offer another 40 minutes' worth of talk time courtesy of two AA batteries within. Each $19.99 purchase comes with a mini USB cable and a pink pouch to complete the overall pink look. Guess only our friends in Japan will be able to take advantage of this offer, while the rest of us had better make sure our handsets are fully charged before we leave the door.

Source: Gizmodiva 

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