Online Casino Success: The Instinct to Win or Just a Woman’s Touch

There is no hiding the glaring obviousness that women like to make money just as much as men, took a while for the penny to drop for the casino industry though. Slowly but surely there is now a growing trend in online casinos that are tailoring to the feminine side of their clientele.

For decades it was seen as a male activity, portrayed in movies with the wife at home whilst the hubby is sat around a table with his other male colleagues playing poker. This rather crass and stale look on how gambling was is now so far removed from the reality in modern times that it’s almost cringy. So what is going on, why the sudden shift and realization? Girl power forces at work perhaps.

Supply and Demand or Clever Marketing

Okay, we can agree that whilst many females do choose to gamble, many wouldn’t outrightly admit to it unlike men, but there is a change afoot. Casino branding just for female audiences are taken place and according to comparison site www.casinobonusesindex.com there have been 7 new online casinos aimed towards females opening up in 2018 alone. They have seen a higher number of females register for free bonuses, that was up an incredible 14% from 2017.

So why the growth in numbers? Many things are attributed to the want to gamble. You have your gaming appreciation and the thrill factor. You also have other elements, ease of access, additional income and with increasing work pressure and little time for social interaction, boredom can play a part. Marketing studies in the past had already proven that females would spend longer on games than males, that they win more than males and that bingo is not, in fact, the favorite game of choice.

The result of all this is that the demand was already there and casinos are now coming up with fancy ways to make them “feel more at home”, arguably highly stereotypical and sexist with the themes of how they look but each to their own taste of casino.

The Key to Success is psychological


There are two ways the brain works, for the most part. When computer gaming took over the household, the males would want to finish the take, for the females the joy was just playing. The same is said for how it is when gambling online. The male drive is to win and as big as possible. Females enjoy the participation. This is partly why online casinos have seen the biggest rise rather than land-based casinos. Online is separated, it allows for time to be played out on a hand-held device or laptop, where and when you want.

The digital-age has indeed changed this all. More games of chance are found in social media sites, more apps are downloadable, TV advisement through to pop-ups all can advise of a new casino or recommended a site to join. Add to this the case partners might also be gambling too. It’s become a new hobby, overnight seemingly, and that stats show that maybe the female touch is always the best to hit the jack-spot.