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Tech Trends To Watch In 2018

As 2018 draws near there are some new tech trends that will emerge.  It will also allow companies to look at new ways of using these new technologies.  

Predicting how People Will Respond

There are many applications which are giving out large amounts of information and users are finding ways of using that data in order to predict how people react and also to determine patterns.  Knowing what customers want will enable companies to know how to market their products.  Developers of websites are always trying to find out how and why visitors navigate their sites.  Analyzing data and business intelligence activities are more easily performed which means that they are being adopted into businesses who are endeavoring to make well-informed decisions quicker.


Chatbots (which are automated human-like chat responders) have been in the experimentation stage and have not been utilised much.  They are now becoming quite mainstream as more people see how beneficial they can be.  They are especially useful when it comes to roles such as customer service and support.  Different to human customer support chatbots do not have the flaws that humans have and will always maintain good service levels.  Chatbots powered by AI are also being taught how to predict what the needs of their customers are, by using information provided during a chat session.  These chatbots are able to ask their customers questions and then use these answers to provide an improved support service. They can be useful in every sector, from providing information about a service such as one of the no deposit casino bonus Canada casinos have to offer, to guiding people through filling in a form.

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More Security for Personal Data

Almost everything in the world today is digitised or moving that way and that includes how data is stored and transmitted and processed.  Many countries are realising that information needs to be kept secure and protected.  The users will also have to agree to these digital relationships and also understand why their personal information is being given as part of a data process and what will this data be used for.  Stricter protection laws are being developed in order to ensure the privacy of the data as well as prevention of the data being abused as well as identity theft and fraudulent activities.  More and more countries will be improving their security in order to provide the best security for their citizens.

Mixed Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are technologies that are changing the way people are interacting with their digital world.  For 2018 the focus will change from these two technologies to mixed reality (MR) where the user will be present in the physical world and also be able to interact with objects in the virtual and or digital world.  The VR and AR technologies are combined to become a mixed reality.  This MR is not only going to be a new and improved console for gaming but can be used for other purposes such as education and a combination of these realities and conversational platforms will ensure a development of invisible computing.  

Technology is continuously changing, developing and evolving as developers try to make the digital world safer and more useful.  Immersive technologies are providing a world where people can interact and learn in a more real environment.