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Yellow Submarine – The Ultimate, Must-Have Superyacht Toy

There is nothing that can quite compare to the lifestyle onboard luxury yachts. Very few experiences can beat endless sunshine-filled days at sea, nights cruising under the stars and moon, sights of unimaginably beautiful vistas, far away from crowds and reality, gourmet meals prepared by your own personal chef, sublime ports of call available to suit the whims of your schedule and majestic deserted beaches. Yet of all the joys of the yachting life, one of its most appealing features has to be the toys.

After all, it’s not a secret that among the greatest perks that superyachts have to offer are the toys that take pride of place in their tender garages. These incredible gadgets and state-of-the-art machines have been designed solely to pique your interest, get your blood pumping and provide countless thrills. They are a reminder that one of the main purposes of the yachting life is to have fun.

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How Toys Dramatically Increase the Enjoyment Quotient

Imagine waking up each morning, stepping out onto the deck of your yacht and being greeted by yet another perfect day in paradise. Picture day after day with nothing more pressing to take care of than figuring out the breakfast order or deciding what secluded cove to have your captain anchor in that evening so you can toast the sunset in style. Indeed, this alone could easily qualify as a dream come true.

Yet, for many committed yachters, these idyllic scenes would not be utterly complete without the presence of some seriously spectacular toys.

Whether you feel like skimming across the waves at speeds of up to 20 kilometres per hour on a Seabob, flying above the glassy surface of the sea on a Parajet or taking one-of-a-kind selfies with a Quadcopter – with the stunning collection of toys available today, you’re bound to find the plaything that best suits your mood and gets your heart racing.

yellow submarine

Yellow Submarine Opens the Door to Another Dimension

One of the latest and most exciting trends in megayacht toys involves submersibles –machines that take you beneath the surface of the ocean and let you get up close and personal with the awe-inspiring undersea universe.

The aptly named Yellow Submarine represents a particularly magnificent example of this type of craft. Built by industry leading mini-submarine expert GSE Trieste to exacting military standards, this personal submarine for sale is a VAS 525/60 with the capacity to hold four to five passengers. This all-electric, manned submersible, which must operate in conjunction with a superyacht mothership for launch and recovery, has been specifically constructed to allow luxury yacht owners the ability to discover a whole new realm that would otherwise be totally off-limits.

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Climb onboard the Yellow Submarine and get ready to head down to the seafloor. You can voyage as deep as 160 metres (525 feet) and stay below the water for up to eight hours at a time. See sights that very few have ever witnessed. Marvel at sights of remarkable deep-sea plants and animals, including sharks and vividly-hued marine life, as the Yellow Submarine introduces you to a whole new world.