Nintoaster DIY project

I think I am pretty inclined to say that that Nintendo Entertainment System, or more fondly known as the NES, is a console that simply refuses to die. To this day, you can find third party clones of the console available in the market, entertaining little ones who can't tell the difference between 8-bit graphics and High Definition video. The Nintoaster is an entire NES circuitry which has been crammed into the body of a toaster, coming in a Wii-white color that might fool others into thinking this DIY mod accepts DVDs instead of cartridges. The guts of the toaster has already been relegated to the local recycling plant, and inside you will find the NES board, orange LEDs, an AC adapter and controller ports. Too bad the Nintoaster's temperature knob doesn't turn this into overdrive or churn out 16-bit graphics.

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