CrystalRoc blings up Sennheiser luxury headphones


Sennheiser is already famous for their line of luxury earphones and headphones, but CrystalRoc decided to up the ante by giving that brand even more exclusive treatment, adoring these Sennheiser headphones with Swarovski crystals. Take for example, Rihanna's 24 carat gold and Swarovski Crystal Sennheiser microphone which she used at the recent American Music Awards. Each of these CrystalRoc-enhanced offerings is described as a "fully functioning hand-crafted work of art, developed with a technique which has been honed to absolute perfection and a quality of workmanship which ensures that every crystal is precisely positioned and in its own perfect space". You can opt to bring home a little bit of bling yourself with the Sennheiser HD25 Headphones (£299) and the CX300 Earphones (£99.00) that will come in Light Rose, Light Sapphire and Crystal AB varieties.

Source: Pocket Lint

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