Throw an Award Winning Oscar Party


Throwing an award-winning Oscar party is never easy, but you can add a touch of glamour by following the tips I put together over at  Yahoo! Tech. Honestly, I can't stop finding great tips, so I'll be posting a few more on this post. In the meantime, check out these sites below to find movie-themed drinks, food, and even music.

  1. Invites: Evite.comhas lots of invitations you can use to get your party started.
  2. Food: Epicurious has put together five dishes in honor of all the Best Picture nominees. Cook up a formal British dinner for Atonement or cook up a hearty Southern meal to honor No Country for Old Men. Simply genious!
  3. Drinks: That's  the Spirit has plenty of drink recipies, but if you want to keep it current check out Defamer for the scoop on that Blue Slushee in honor of Juno.
  4. Music: iTunes.com has the latest soundtracks for Juno andMichael Clayton.
  5. Ballots: Print out official  ballots over at Oscar.com and get your guests involved.
  6. Gear: You have to watch the Oscars in high-def so if you don't have the biggest HDTV, then talk to friends who do and try to either co-host the party at their house or buy a projector if you can't borrow one.  Also ask your friends to bring their digital cameras to take plenty of pictures, and break out the digital photo frames to play a slideshow of all the nominees. 

Share your ideas below.

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